Hie, Welcome to my blog

Crazy about your brand!

Hie there. Are you crazy about your brand as much as I am?  My name is Chipo, and I love to serve and make a difference. I also love to read and research and share ideas. So what better way to talk to you than on this blog. The web is the most amazing thing. I often wonder what the inventors of this monster were thinking but hey, i get to talk to you, from the comfort of my home, so I can only thank them.

I have recently embarked on a solo journey that many an entepreneur will be familiar with, that of setting up a business in the exciting field of marketing, brand reputation and social media training. So while I wade into this  ocean full of  consultants fighting tooths and nail , trying to earn a living, I am honoured to share my journey, my thoughts, my findings and the  wealth of information that I find on the way  with you.

I have great admiration for all the bloggers on the web. Men and women who take so much time during the day …and night  to write stories and give us insight into our world. While I find my blogging feet, and explore your brands, I am confident that this will be a crazy journey for me and you.  Enjoy


About chipomaps

A brand reputation, marketing and new media trainer and consultant. Constantly curious, constantly learning.
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