Tom Cruise came for dinner

We all know that social media is a great tool for people to network across the globe. Its a tool that is increasingly being used  by businesses  for customer and prospect engagement. Yet in the hands of marketers  that do not know the full impact of social media engagement, it is a reputation buster giving  customers a bad impression of your company.

Lets suppose that you are with a group of friends, would you talk to them just because you can? Probably not! You would talk to them when you had something interesting to say, something important,  relevant and perhaps even funny. Social media is like that.No one wants to know what you had for lunch, unless you went to a restaurant or your neighbourhood Burger King and Tom Cruise walked in for a meal.

Sticking with the friends analogy, no one wants you to tell them a boring story over and over again. They will get tired and eventually drift away to more interesting exploits. Likewise when you constantly provide boring content on your social network site, you will loose your audience.

We all don’t like liars right? I have had nasty breakups with friends who were chronic liars. If a friend says she is going to do something, she had better have a very good excuse for not standing by her word. If you lie to your customers and fans on social media, even by unintentionally having a misleading advert, they will not be happy and if  you continue to do so, they will leave. Unfortunately, some  organisations not only lie to their customers, but carry out polls and campaigns that never see feedback, a winner or prizes promised. If you are running a mobile phone competition on your Facebook page, for goodness’ sake, let someone win a prize once in a while. If no one ever does, I and 1000 other customers will  unfriend or unlike you in no time.

Lets suppose you visit a friend’s house and they welcome you into their home and then lo and behold, they give you one sentence announcements every ten minutes or so about the choice of drinks in the fridge, lunch being served, their naughty children, how hard work is, their obnoxious boss, without engaging in any conversation, or responding your what you are saying,  would you stay? It would seem very strange indeed!  I would certainly feel ridiculous.

But  hang on.That is what many organisations on social networks do. They upload what they call updates and forget to engage in conversations with their on line customers. I hate talking to myself and so do your fans. So comment, respond, say you are sorry, anything to let us know that its not a computer program posting your updates.


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A brand reputation, marketing and new media trainer and consultant. Constantly curious, constantly learning.
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