Age is but a number: How to rejuvenate your brand

Written by Chipo Mapungwana

Brands like all things eventually age and succumb to the ravages of customer inertia, disinterest, new products and more innovative competitors  and neglect. But your brand does not have to remain this way. It can be rejuvenated.

Brands may therefore require  rejuvenation:

To communicate category leadership  as well as develop energized  new visual identity systems.

To increase market share as the brand image maybe less relevant to new customers.

If the brand has lost its unique point of differentiation and wanting to revitalise the product with a new image.

The target market of your brand has aged and the brand has not renewed  its image in the eyes of  a new generation. The brand no longer meets the needs and desires  of  the consumers.

How to rejuvenate  your brand.

  1. Look at your internal strategies , systems , operating procedures and policies as well as operations. Rejuvenation and change starts from within.
  2. Examine and benchmark your brand against your competitors and especially against the image that you envision your new brand image to be.
  3. Change your corporate culture and your corporate habits. Tired  and unmotivated staff will continue to produce mediocre  results, therefore leaderships should change internal messages in order to get the best out of people.
  4. Enlist the help of your most loyal customers who will be your brand ambassadors  and speak out for you even in hard times. Involve them in the rejuvenation process  and carry them along through the process.
  5. Create more innovative  and aggressive  adverts and promotions. This also means producing  more  creative packaging and change your logo etc. While your core values  may still resonate with your older customers, your brand may have lost touch with  the younger generation.
  6. Become more focused in the way that you engage your customers. Fragmentation of the media means that you can now target specific customer segments  and communicate specific messages to these segments.
  7. Reposition the brand by changing either the target market or value proposition. Launch new product  lines that are relevant to your new consumers. You may also  change  the technology  that underlines  the products or  the brand’s reputation for quality.
  8. Change how your customers perceive your products and services by changing the image of the products, aligning the new product to their self concept.You can also  change the reputation of your product by associating the brand  with  issues that  your customers value.

About chipomaps

A brand reputation, marketing and new media trainer and consultant. Constantly curious, constantly learning.
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One Response to Age is but a number: How to rejuvenate your brand

  1. Regai Tengani says:

    Thanks CM for the Brand & image tool – marketing is not static – l like what it involves – let us continue being innovative and creative (R&D) in approaching the product life cycle (PLC). Indeed age is just a number if you have the right turn around strategies and on time (SMART)!!

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