12 Myths of E-commerce

Written by Chipo Mapungwana

Part Two

Myth Seven: On the Web, Customer service  is not as important as it is in a traditional store.

Many websites are not  created with customers in mind. Sites are difficult  to navigate , slow to load and confusing. On-line shoppers who leave sites without completing a sale leave because (1) They could not find the items that they wanted (2) The shopping cart was hard to find (3) Paying  took too long (4) The site looked dodgy (5)Postage and shipping charges were too high (6) There was no return policy. The lesson for e-commerce  entrepreneurs is to devote time and resources to developing a website that works.

Myth Eight: Bling bling  makes a website better.  

Entrepreneurs falling into this trap create flashy websites with the thinking that  more is better. This is not necessarily  so. Bright  colored graphics, streaming headlines, videos and spinning icons  can attract attention , but can also slow  down the site  and that is frustrating  for customers  in a hurry.

Myth Nine: Its what’s in front that counts.

An attractive website may be important but a back office that has systems and inventory for delivering customers’ orders is even more crucial as this allows you to fulfill your orders. An e-commerce business can fall flat  on its face  without the infrastructure  needed  to support  potentially huge  orders. E-commerce requires an order fulfillment  strategy to get goods from the warehouse,into the customers’ hands in the time expected by your customers.

Myth Ten: E-commerce will cause brick and mortar  retail stores  to disappear.

The growth of e-commerce poses a threat  to those companies that fail to realise the opportunities that the Web  offers. However, while  there have been significant  in-roads  made  in on-line businesses across the globe, some products just need to be touched, seen and tried. To remain competitive, traditional  stores  must blend  their operations with an on-line presence.

Myth Eleven: The greatest opportunity for e-commerce  lies in the retail sector.

While the growth of  retail e-commerce is impressive, the biggest growth of on-line transactions  have been recorded in business to business selling. The Web has the power to increase  the speed  of purchasing functions between businesses. When businesses connect their websites’ back offices to their suppliers, the result is a faster , more  efficient method of filling customers’ orders.

Myth Twelve: It’s too late to get on the Web.

A common myth especially amongst  smaller businesses is that it’s too late  to get in the Web and that the web is for big businesses only. The internet  is still  in its infancy  and companies are still learning what works and what doesn’t. The lesson to learn is that on the Web , the faster will eat the slow, whether big of small.

Last words

E-commerce is a growing channel through which businesses have the potential to generate money  across the globe. While many people may create website becasue they want to get rich quickly, (and there is no shortage of these schemes  on the internet), it takes time and other resources to create a website that adds value  to customers and the entrepreneur. For one website that is successful, there are many more that have failed because the etrepreneurs have not taken the time to create a holistic e-commerce business model.

Innovative businesses should take advantage of the growing knowledge and ease of use of the Web to create websites for their businesses.  This ,coupled with operating systems that support your  customers’ expectations, will create more loyal customers for your Website and your brand.


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A brand reputation, marketing and new media trainer and consultant. Constantly curious, constantly learning.
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