Your Comments are in: The 8 top cellphone brands

Written by Chipo Mapungwana

Thank you to those  who answered the brief LinkedIn survey that I carried out recently. While this survey is not scientific, conclusive and exhaustive and certainly geographically biased, it offers some insight into what people think about mobile phone  brands sold in  African markets.

One : Nokia

Why: You said that Nokia  phones are durable, easy to use, tried and tested. The new Nokia  Lumina phone has caught up with recent advances in mobile technology and you are loving its price. You also really appreciate the customer support that you get from Nokia.

Two: Sony Ericsson

Why: You said that this brand has  phones that have great camera and sound quality. The phones are easy to use and has multimedia functionality  for those of you that are tech savvy . This brand  does mot hurt your pockets like other phone  brands.

Three: Samsung

Why: You said the Samsung brand has created some great phones lately and  at  extremely competitive  prices. You also  said that its Galaxy ranges have really sexy designs,  great apps and are very user-friendly.

Four: Apple iPhones

Why: You said the iPhones have great designs , picture quality  and works great all the time.  You also love the fact that the phones never freeze and that they are more than just phones. You love to download all the  applications  and while the phones are pricy, they are worth it.

Five: Motorola

Why: You said that Motorola has brought out a variety of great phones. You also said that Motorola phones are reliable and the service that you get from the company  adds value to you as the customers.

Six: Blackberry

Why: You love the elegance of the Blackberry phones , their wide screens  and the fact that they are very easy  to navigate. You value your data security and Blackberry offers you  data transmission security that your business requires. Customers also view the support  they get from Blackberry as well as the frequent updates as adding value.

Seven: HTC

Why: You said that HTC phones have great functionality and you love their big screen displays. You also found the phones very durable
with great  designs and compatibility.

Eight: LG Electronics

Why: You said that LG phones are durable  and you love the quality of their handsets. You also found the design of the brands as very fashionable. However, some of you also stated that LG has not kept up to date with mobile phone technologies.

From this brief survey, it is evident that those mobile brands that can provide innovation at prices that customers are comfortable  paying  will win the brand war for mobile phones. Customers also appreciate durability of mobile handsets,  and the capacity for fast data transmission. Respondents also considered the design  of handsets  as important. Customers  also want phone with social media applications capability  for  YouTube, Facebook  and Twitter. etc  While some respondents wanted mobile phones that could take great videos and pictures, surprisingly, many customers did not view this as a priority in choosing a mobile phone.

The respondents to  survey were mainly African LinkedIn members and the results may have implications for advertisers of mobile handsets on the African market.


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