Are You A Guerrilla Entrepreneur? part 2

Written by Chipo Mapungwana

This post focuses on Guerrilla entrepreneurs.Those business people who recognise  that while there are huge corporations that have immense resources to make things happen, however their smaller businesses have the ability to carve out niches for their businesses in the lucrative spaces that huge companies leave unattended. They realise that they are able to progressively  eat at the market shares of bigger companies by being faster, more flexible, more  innovative and delivering more personal value to their customers. They do this by employing  creative strategies that leave other companies wondering “what happened and how did we not see that, do that and think of that?”

The Guerrilla entrepreneur  always  operates according to  a plan

He knows who he is, where he is going and how he will get there. He has a clear vision of what he wants to achieve along the journey of his life. He anticipates entrepreneurial barriers and plans ahead. He is like a sponge that acquired information because he knows that information is power.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur is flexible

He is guided by strategy, but when it is necessary to change, he does so. He realizes that customers  want service and quality and that he has to constantly adapt to their needs and expectations.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur wants results more than growth

He focuses on profitability, balance, improvement, quality and value. He is careful about growth that will compromise on effective delivery of quality products and services.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur is dependent on many people

He knows that the age of the lone wolf entrepreneur is over. He is dependent upon his staff, customers, suppliers, mentors etc. He travels on his journey with  the help of his friends and business partners. He knows the importance of the people in his life.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur is constantly learning

He never stops learning. He is constantly curious. He always wants to be better, more effective, more efficient. He wants to create a better business and a better community. He knows that lack of knowledge breeds  failure.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur is passionate about is work

He has passion for what he does and this is expressed  in everything that he does. His passion is infectious and he spreads his enthusiasm to his staff, colleagues, customers and family.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur is focused on the goal

He knows  that he must rid himself  of the values  and expectations of his ancestors. He is focused on his future and his journey. He wants to succeed but not at the expense of those around him and of his customers.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur  is disciplined  on the task at hand

He keeps his promises to himself and to his customers. He knows that achieving his goal is reward enough. He knows that his promises are his bond and that breaking customer promises means denting his reputation.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur  is well organised at work and at home

He organizes himself and his life as he works. He knows  that organisation equals  efficiency.

The Guerrilla entrepreneur has an upbeat attitude

He knows that mistakes happen,  and life can throw curve balls at you. He however keeps his perspective, his sense of humor  and optimism. He does not infest others with negativity but realises that his words  create life for himself and for others.





About chipomaps

A brand reputation, marketing and new media trainer and consultant. Constantly curious, constantly learning.
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