How To Develop “Wow” Experiences For Your Brand

Written by Chipo Mapungwana

Brand Loyalty is the mantra of any successful business. In today’s increasing global market where the consumers have enough choice to get confused brand loyalty is the only thing that can help a company to survive. And Wow experiences each time that a customer uses your brand will create that brand love.

In fact creating Wow experiences should be the ultimate goal of any company. When a customer develops this , brand loyalty is the natural result. Brand loyalty is created when customers experience the WOW factor in your business.


Implications of Brand Loyalty

A consumer can buy a product manufactured by the same company repetitively. However this does not imply brand loyalty. Customers who are loyal to a brand:

  •  Will not purchase any other brand
  • Will not switch brands in situations where their favourite brand is more expensive than a competing brand.
  • Will not be persuaded to switch by promotional or sales activities.
  • Will not speak ill of their favorite  brand.
  • Will seek to praise your brand even with compelling evidence that a competing brand is better.
  • Will forgive you when you make a mistake

Reason for Developing Brand Wow experiences

Each and every company aims to develop brands that leave customers wanting more of the same good thing. And since brand loyalty means repeat business which in turn translates to profits , it is in a businesses’ best interest to find what it is that creates that Wow feeling in customers so that they become loyal to your brand.

Factors Determining Brand Loyalty

• The visual appearance of your product should be appealing to customers. No one can deny that we all want to own good looking products.

• The design and packaging of the product should be easy to use and also attractive to view. And remember that culture plays an important role in product design and packaging so be very careful not to offend.

• .When you write the pay off line of a product or service it should aim at the consumers’ needs rather than your own as a business owner. Your payoff line should create a desire to own the product or use the service.

• Your advertising and promotion should aim at emotional persuasion. We all want to own things that make us feel good about ourselves.

• What your staff say and how they treat the customer plays a crucial role in how your brand is perceived. That is why it is so important to have a company speaking with one voice.

• Understanding what the customer needs sets the foundation of brand loyalty. If you know your customer’s needs and offer exactly what they want, no one can stop you from earning brand loyalty.

Improve Customer Service and build customer relationships

Aren’t we tired of hearing this phrase.. customer service? But the truth is that we all need to go back to basics. When customers buy your product or service for the first time they actually make a trial purchase. However making a good product is not the end of the story. Many companies have good products, but still go under because of poor service. And customers service is all those things that make for  bad customer experiences from poor quality products, rude, impatient  and indifferent staff, , unreturned  mail, dirty, hot and stuffy shops, sizes that don’t fit , over priced services, lying to customers, dirty hotel rooms, watery coke, over or undercooked meals, elevators that do not work, phone calls that go unanswered, managers that treat staff like you know what in front of customers, products that fail to work, no refund policy , no seating for elderly customers, no ramps for the disabled etc etc .

The mistake that many businesses make is to completely forget about the customers once their back is turned. If you want to hold on to a customer, so that they keep coming back to you for more, improve your customer service and that means becoming to the customer, more than a sale person or organization. Create Wow experiences that your customers will not forget.. Think about what your grandmother would say if she were your customer!

Creating Wow Experiences

• Listen to your customers . There are many internal and external sources of information that a company can use to get information about your customers.

• Know what impression you want to make and map out how you can get that impression from your customer.

• Theme your customer experiences and build those themes into your brand. Your theme must be consistent with your company.

• Identify how you would like your customers to describe their experience in your company. If their experiences do not tally with what you want, CHANGE YOUR WAYS

Create Wow experiences through the effective use of :

1. Time

2. Space

3. Technology

4. Authenticity

5. Sophistication

6. Relationships

Engage customers’ senses through:

1. Sight

2. Sound

3. Touch

4. Taste

5. Smell

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