How To Beat The Competition On Social Media

Beating the competition2Written By Chipo Mapungwana


Have you noticed how many companies say that they are on Social Media and yet they really aren’t? Have you noticed how some company social media like buttons on newspaper ads are so small and illegible? Have you noticed how some companies just post adverts and adverts and never engage, answer fan queries, questions and complaints? Have you noticed how some companies just seem to post competition after competition with no winners in sight? Have you noticed how, when you actually access their Social Media site, you discover that it was created months or years ago and there is no content and no attempt to build the page? Have you noticed how some Social Media pages have such great looking pictures of products etc but no life? It is as if the content is being churned out by a machine, a robot , or someone who has no idea what else to include on the site except visuals.

Would you like to beat your competition and steal their leads and customers through great Social Media engagement? Here is how to go about it!

1.      See how your competitors are performing at social media engagement

  • List down your competition
  • Visit their sites on the following pages:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Linked In
    • Pinterest
    • And see how they are performing on the following criteria
      • Number of fans/followers
      • Frequency of posting
      • What kind of content is published (videos, images, blog posts, data, jokes, polls)
      • How much content is theirs, versus how much is sourced
      • Fan engagement

You should also browse their website homepage and other main pages of their website (particularly their blog) for social media follow and share buttons to determine how seriously they take social media marketing. Revisit these metrics on a monthly basis to see whether they are making progress, stagnating, or falling behind. Remember, social media requires upkeep, and not every brand is cut out to be a social media marketer for the long haul.

Now you know where you stand, which means you know how far you have to go.

2.      Find and Create Killer Social Media Content

To crush your competition, you have to get really, really active on social media to grow your reach. And being active on social media means you need one thing: tons of content. Social media content isn’t just a tweet or a Facebook post, or two a day .. Neither is Social media about posting advert , after advert after advert.

Where to get content? The list of possibilities is inexhaustible

  • Read blogs and get content from bloggers
  • Create FAQ around your business or product
  • Publish snippets from other people’s existing content, ebooks, online publications, research papers
  • Conduct  an interview with your CEO, a customer, fan etc
  • Share pictures of your staff, your customers
  • Turn your training presentations into  video
  • Create interesting checklists and post them to your site
  • Create or re-launch an offer
  • Run an online competition
  • Create content with suppliers and other partners
  • Publish infographics — your own, or others
  • Publish a chart or graph with data your fans and followers would care about.
  • Insert an interesting data point into a visual — simply overlay the data in big, bold text over a relevant image.
  • Find cartoons about your industry — people love a laugh.
  • Take behind-the-scenes pictures of your employees, customers, and office happenings.
  • Share videos, like case studies, interviews, and quick tips and how-to content.

3.      Decide what content to post into what Social Media Channel


The best content to publish on Twitter is, obviously, short and sweet. Whatever piece of content you’re linking to in the tweet, find the most compelling part of the story to include in your tweet copy. Pulling a shocking data point from your blog post, for example, is more likely to entice followers to retweets your content and click the link in your tweet than the title of your blog posts.


LinkedIn users have a longer attention span that people on other social networks — they’re  there to do something impactful for their businesses or careers. You should feel comfortable crafting more text-heavy status updates, posting more long form lead generation content, and speaking in a more promotional tone about your products and services.


Facebook should lead heavily towards visual content, but should always be accompanied by explanatory text to give the visuals context. Visual content has higher engagement on Facebook, and the more engagement your content has, the more positively Facebook’s EdgeRank Algorithm will favour your posts — thus expanding your reach! You can also be much more personal with the content you post to Facebook, since it’s where people go to chat with friends …not co-workers.


Unsurprisingly, you’ll want to post all that visual content you spent time creating on Pinterest. Pinterest users value quality images, so everything you post should look beautiful to get the most repins and followers. And of course, the descriptions should include a link back to your website to turn that traffic into leads. Try to create boards that are both directly and indirectly related to your brand .

Adapted from Hubspot .com, “How to crush your competition on social media in 30 days”

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