How To Use Mobile Marketing As A Game Changer

phone3Written by Chipo Mapungwana

 Benefits of Mobile phones to Marketers

1) Customers carry their phones all the time

2) Most cell-phones are always turned on

3) Mobile devices have built-in payment systems

4) Mobile devices allow for accurate audience measurement

5) Mobile devices capture the social element of  media consumption

6) Mobile devices have a physical presence in a  specific location

7) Mobile phones are personal and rarely shared with another person


Why Cell Phones Are So Important to Business Owners

Cell phones and the Internet have become a powerful combination. Almost 40% of your clients now use their smartphones to find the companies they need and verify their legitimacy . Google, Twitter, TripAdvisor Facebook, You Tube and a score of social websites are now optimized for cell phones, meaning they have slightly different formats specifically designed to fit the smaller screens on this technology. Over 50% of all social media interaction takes place via cell phone and the web is rapidly changing to cater to cell phone users on a broader scale. You may be shocked to see how much traffic is generated on your website using smartphones.

Google and many other social and review websites are now optimized or formatted for viewing on a smartphone, making it easy for consumers to search for businesses. There’s no doubt, ensuring you have positive information on these websites can greatly improve your sales. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the marketing potential of mobile marketing. There are many other strategies for mobile marketing that you may not be aware of that can help you generate good business for a fraction of the cost of other online marketing strategies. We shall discuss the operations and advantages of text messaging in this article.

Text Messaging

Promotions that use text messaging have become one of the most effective and immediate forms of marketing available today. Why?

In a recent research 73% of users in the USA said that text messaging is the single most important feature on their phone and 95% of cell phone users open their text messages within minutes of receiving them.

These are impressive statistics!

Because most people don’t leave the house without their cell phone – – you now have a way to reach your customers no matter where they are.

Imagine this: It’s the 2 o’clock afternoon slump and employees in surrounding offices are feeling sleepy and lethargic. You happen to own a coffee shop nearby and are currently offering a free doughnut with every coffee. You decide to send the offer out to all your customers in a text message which happens to be the exact time that they need it. They receive your message within minutes and mention it to the rest of their co-workers. Before you know it everyone decides to take advantage of your promotion to get their afternoon caffeine kick and …. Voila! Instant traffic to your shop!

The same thing applies to restaurateurs who have successfully used similar strategies to fill up their restaurants in slow times by giving their clients a discount that is valid for a few hours only via SMS messaging. This strategy can also be used by nightclubs, car  maintenance shops and even accounting firms. Any business that benefits from returning clients can and should use text messaging as part of their overall marketing strategy.

Getting your clients’ permission to text message them is not difficult. There are honest and straightforward ways to get your clients to willingly and happily give you their permission to text message offers to them. We can help you implement a strategy to gather your clients phone numbers and give you simple, effective ways to broadcast your offers using text messages.

 Why Is mobile marketing so Inexpensive?

Mobile marketing is relatively new and your competition hasn’t caught on to it yet. Its as simple as that. In fact, while 38% of your audience is using their cell phones to look for or research a company, less than 1% of businesses out there are currently using mobile marketing. Now is the time to get ahead of the game and beat your competitors, all at a surprisingly affordable price.

How to Use Your Website With Mobile Marketing?

You can get an enormous amount of traffic to your website through mobile  advertising, but it will be wasted if it’s not done right. As mentioned earlier, mobile phones have a much smaller screen than their desktop counterparts. That’s why you need to direct users who click your advertising to a special website page that contains less content and has a design that fits on a mobile phone screen.

If you think your audience is likely to request more information to be emailed to them, then it is very simple to create a on line form to do that where users sign up with their name and email addresses. Also make sure that your website opens very fast so that customers are not put off by waiting for the site to open. When a customers opens your website, and makes a specific request, they should be directed straight to that site.

The world of the mobile phone and opportunities for its use are becoming increasingly abundant for business. some useful statistics include:

There are more than 6 Billion Phone Subscribers in the world

More than 87% of the World’s population is on mobile phones

There were 30 Billion applications downloaded at the end of 2011

There are 2 Million mobile Internet users in Zimbabwe

There are 10.9 Million active sim cards in Zimbabwe

There is 90% tele-density in Zimbabwe

Imagine the possibilities for your business !!


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