May Your Brand Have A “Fairy” Good Year

The rise of the guardiansWritten by Chipo Mapungwana

As we begin 2013, here are my six wishes for your business. I had the opportunity to watch the Rise of the Guardians, an engaging cartoon about some of  children’s most likable characters and as I watched the unlikely heroes, amongst them, the Tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny , the Sandman, Jack Frost, the Boogeyman, and Santa Claus, I began to think of how these characters depicted some characteristics that I wish for you, your company and your brands.

May the Tooth Fairy reward your pain and endurance.

While your business  may have had painful experiences in 2012, and indeed,  may still face uncertainty, I hope that your company  will be rewarded for the learning curves that you have painfully endured. I also hope that you and your managers have learnt from these experiences, so that your company  does not continue to bleed unnecessarily. We  learnt in the year 2012 that brands and companies that continue to make the same mistakes again and again, do not succeed. We also learnt that even large corporations that break the law and make questionable decisions, will suffer the reputational and financial consequences.

I hope that during your strategic  planning sessions at the end of last year, you examined your business failures with a fine tooth comb  and that you have plugged the financial loop holes, sorted the personnel issues , refined your products  and operational processes and changed your organisational focus to reflect the importance of your customers  so as to create a brand that your customers and stakeholders will  love in 2013.

May the Easter Bunny Bring you abundance.

May your business flourish and regenerate, just as the  Easter Bunny was originally a symbol of  new life during the spring season. If your brand  faced challenges  in 2012, my wish is that you may be rewarded  for your perseverance. I hope 2013 will be a year when you will  embrace new opportunities for growth, where your company will venture from its comfort zone into new areas of product development, new markets , more innovations , creative personnel hires, greater empowerment, and where you will find those previously elusive investors or funding for recapitalization and new projects.

May the Sandman give you good dreams.

I hope that 2013 is a year when you will be guided more by your dreams and passion than by fear.  I hope that you will allow your employees to  dream about how they can improve their ways of working  and that you will empower them execute  those dreams so that your company can become  more customer centric and as a result, your brand may be known for exceeding customers’ expectations.  While the world is facing never before seen and experienced economic uncertainty, my wish is that your company will prevail and that you will prove the  prophets of doom wrong by going above and beyond your strategic predictions for 2013.

May you have the adventurous spirit of Jack Frost, without the mischief.

My wish is that your company may  continue to break new ground locally, in the region and internationally. I hope that your company will venture  into  the use of  new technologies ,new partnerships,  and business linkages with other organisations. In the same breath, I also hope that your company  will not be caught on the wrong side of corporate governance as this has brought many a senior executives and corporate entity crashing down in 2012.

May you not be afraid of the Boogeyman

I hope that as you start 2013, you will not set your strategies based on  the worst case scenarios, as these will inhibit your growth  and create self-made roadblocks. Do not let your fears negatively affect  your business growth. At the end of  2012, Perry Marshall, a business blogger  made 10 predictions  for 2012, amongst them the demise of the Eurozone, the rise of on- line marketing, social media as a communication channel in democratic and psychographic change and  the continuing rise of Facebook. We have witnesses these predictions come true. We have also witnessed many companies succeed despite  the economic circumstances in their countries.  The internet and news channels, magazines, are full of predictions for 2013, many of them not so kind to business. And while many companies will fail, many more will succeed, despite  these economic circumstances,  and for some, because of them.

I am not an economist, or finance expert . What I am is an optimist. As we saw in 2012, anything can happen. Don’t run your business by the Boogeyman’s rules.

May Santa Claus richly reward you.

When all is said and done, may Santa richly reward your corporate good behaviour. I hope that by the end of 2013, you will see your hard work rewarded through growth in product  market share, financial growth, increase in staff morale and brand equity. May your brand be the brand of choice and may you create customer love through your innovations and customer focus.

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