10 Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Start You Off in 2013

guerrilla-marketing-ads-96Written by Chipo Mapungwana

Below are 10 Guerrilla Marketing tips to start you off in 2013. I love the concept of Guerrilla marketing because it begs for creativity and yet it allows an organisation to use the things that are within its grasp and its financial means to make an impact. Guerrilla marketing involves creatively marketing your brand and services  in ways that do not have to cost you a lot of money. However, you , as the entrepreneur need to think outside the box.

1) Outrageously Great Service

Have you noticed how you always want to go back to that store where you were offered outrageously great service? That organisation where the forms where easy to fill, the writing was big enough to read without your glasses and where there were audio versions of the  form so that, if you really could not see, you could hear what you were “signing”, that laundry matt  where the guy behind the counter actually smiled at you even though it was closing time and you had brought a load of laundry , the bank where all the service desks were manned and the queues were moving fast and they actually had preferential queues for the elderly, the expecting women as well as seats for them,  and the store where you could find your XXX large size and the staff did not look at you funny.

Yes, that place where the staff know which side their bread is buttered on and they do their utmost best to please. That is the place where customers go back to.

2) Free Consultation

When was the last time  you went to a lawyer, builder, plumber  etc and was offered free consultation without an overt expectation of purchase? Free consultation is a way of making a great first impression and showing your expertise  without pressurizing the customer to buy your product. And you know what?…. if you do it well enough, they will buy your product and service anyway. Other forms of free consultation including  doing a public demonstration, conducting adult education classes, workshops and participating in conferences.

3)Community Involvement

Doing something for your community as a way of marketing your products and service does not have to cost you an arm and a leg and it is a great way of getting your business out there into the community. Are you an auto mechanic? Then go to the local women’s club and teach them how to change a wheel, look for simple faults in their cars , change the oil etc. Are you an up coming doctor? Then conduct a free prostate  examination demonstration at your local gym. Are you a newly qualified  beautician? Then conduct a free consultation for physically challenged women at your new spa.  The publicity that you will get, if you are clever to have a journalist or TV presenter covering the event will be invaluable.

4) Get a Promotional Kit

Assemble a promotional kit that you can give your prospective customers. Include in it, your business card, brochure/company profile,  a free sample and a testimonial from a trusted customer.

5)Create a “How to” video

Create a video about how to use your products and services. We all love to watch a good film flick and more so if  its something that can help us to solve our problems. If you have extra cash, you can also  create 30 second “How to”  adverts  for TV and radio as well for your on-line media channels.

6)Change your hour/days of operating

Unless it is stipulated in your conditions of operations, why do you need to open your business only between 8am and 5pm. The greatest amount of traffic on the streets is before 8am and between 5pm and 7pm. Food retailers have gotten the hang of  this traffic. If fact, many now open 24 hours. Other organisations need to follow.

7)Effectively use your voicemail and company answering service.

This is a tricky one. Many company answering services are a waste of money for callers who are kept holding on while annoying and repetitive messages are played out.  However, creating short educational messages about how to use your company’s products , or resolve common problems that your customers face, will make the waiting time seem shorter.

You can also use your mobile phone to record short messages about what you do and the services that you offer. Make sure that you change these messages regularly so that your regular callers do not get bored with listening to the same messages.

8)Publish a research paper

Many companies are sitting on invaluable information in their customer sales data  that would provide really useful insight into buying behaviour and related topics. Using the information that you get from your data can inform, educate others and assist you to create vibrant content that will be used by your customers and the community at large, and your name will never be forgotten. Presenters, writers and intellectuals are always looking for data and for information that can be used for case studies  and many will also quote where that information came from, as a matter of professional courtesy.

9)Create postcards

Create postcards of your company, happy customers (with permission), products  etc and give them, free of charge, to your customers. They will appreciate the gesture, and you never know where your postcard may end up and where your next customer will have seen your services from.

10)Write a book

Write a book about your service or product. Many a best seller have been writer by people who have a product or service to sell. Learn for Martha Stewart and Warren Buffett, who despite  making tonnes of money in their day jobs, also made millions from telling us how we could also make tonnes of money if only we could cook or invest money like them.


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11 Responses to 10 Guerrilla Marketing Tips to Start You Off in 2013

  1. dongrgic says:

    Great post. I would suggest to anyone to read the Guerrilla Marketing book by Jay Conrad Levinson.

  2. patrick says:


  3. Henry Masanganise says:

    That is super if properly implemented

  4. thanks Chipo that a brilliant idea of makerting. I will do it as Veterinary consultant in poultry health and production offering free workshops and training of farmers for free

    • chipomaps says:

      Its great to know that this has helped you. Let me know how that goes and you can share your findings on LinkedIn or my blog when you have done one event. cheers.

  5. Anesu Michael Maposa says:

    Great article and very practical, though not everyone can write a book, a meaningful and useful book.

    • chipomaps says:

      Thank you for the comment. Book writing is indeed a difficult feat, however, many people have developed content on blogs , in training etc that would be invaluable for others to learn from. Many organisations also have a lot of knowledge that if compiled into book form or e-books , blogs etc would create useful resources for their customers.

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