When Creating Your Social Media Strategy, Don’t Get Stuck On The OBJECTIVES

StrategyWritten by Chipo Mapungwana

Too many businesses get caught in the objective trap when planning for social media. The process of creating short and long-term social media marketing objectives begins innocently enough. A management team is assigned to define the best direction for the company in the coming year. The initial brainstorming session identifies some strengths and challenges along with ideas for capitalizing on the company’s resources and competitive advantage  etc. Everything is going well until someone mentions SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis or some other technique created in academia.

The introduction of these techniques shifts the focus from creating objectives to grow a sustainable social media strategy  to creating objectives to impress the board of directors, bankers, and anyone else who might happen to read them. Social media is a tricky thing. Organisations cannot afford to mess up their strategies. Academic techniques have merit if they are used to assist the thought process but they often have a negative effect.

Providing direction for the company’s social media strategy should not be forgotten in the quest to impress. When the social media planning project is complete, the documentation may include objectives like this: “Create a sustainable business model that leads the industry in innovative marketing and product development while providing exceptional customer service and aggressively growing the company with above average profits.”

The objective sounds good. It looks good in a presentation. And, most importantly, it is safe. No one can say that it wasn’t met because there are so many factors subject to interpretation within it. Sustainable could be three months or 300 years. Innovative can be anything that is different from the norm. Exceptional can be good or bad. Aggressive growth can be an expanded marketing reach which may or may not increase sales. Above average is dependent on the comparative data. There are always companies doing better or worse for comparative purposes. The bottom line is that the success of the objective can and will be debated using valuable resources with no realistic expectation of return.

Social media offers even more opportunities to create impressive yet ineffective objectives. Having them may provide short-term gains in recognition, but you deserve better. Skip the theory and go straight for the win. Create objectives that are realistic, measurable, and understandable. The planning process is more challenging but it makes the implementation much easier and significantly improves the success rate.

 Questions to ask during the planning process:

What service issues are affecting our customers?

Service and social are intertwined. If your customer service isn’t stellar, fix the problems before investing in social media. If you don’t, you will get bitten and it will be hard to rebound. I guarantee this.

 Are our customers and prospects actively participating on social platforms?

If they aren’t there, your social strategy will be very different because your primary focus will be to get customers to your site. You will still want to participate on social media because social search will send people in your target market to your website but your content will focus more on keywords than engagement. Participating on Social media networks will therefore allow your customers to engage with you.

Where are our customers and prospects the most active if they are participating?

There are too many social platforms to cover all of them well. Even if your company is large enough to have a dedicated social marketing team, there is a point of diminishing returns that make extended coverage a poor business decision.

What resources will be allocated to social marketing , research and development?

Social marketing isn’t free. It is not as expensive as traditional advertising, but you will spend some money in terms of training, resources etc. The channel is rapidly evolving. What works today may not work tomorrow therefor you also need people who will keep you updated on changes. Many marketers think that they go this route alone, only to get discouraged as they find that juggling traditional and social media marketing is simply too much. Accept these facts and plan accordingly by allocating resources to research, training,  testing and adapting to the changing environment. Use consultants to assist you and guide you as well as help you set up your social media platforms.

 How will success be measured?

Much of social media marketing is intangible but it is possible to measure the unknown if you have a good benchmarking program. Figure this out before launching. If you have already launched, figure this out now.

The process of answering these questions will create more questions. Keep going until you find the answers you need to create the best objectives for your business. Throughout it all, remember that the best objectives are realistic, measurable, and understandable. If everyone involved in the execution of your social media strategy doesn’t understand the objectives, it significantly reduces the chances for success. It may be a great idea to give your staff a heads up or training on social media , if they don’t quite get it.

When you create an objective, apply the what, why, and how test to it:

•What will it accomplish?
•Why is it needed?
•How will it work?

If you can answer those questions, you can explain it to anyone who doesn’t understand. Now, go create some objectives.

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3 Responses to When Creating Your Social Media Strategy, Don’t Get Stuck On The OBJECTIVES

  1. dongrgic says:

    Great post. What I really want to know is how you do it? Do you have a team of underlings putting all your material together..??? I struggle to do 2 to 3 posts a week due to my workload and time constraints.

    • chipomaps says:

      Thanks Dondrgic. I have a plan of the issues that I will cover on a daily basis and then I read a lot at night and usually put these posts together around midnight in my country, so it does take a bit of discipline.

    • chipomaps says:

      Thanks Dongrgic. I have a plan of the issues that I want to cover on a weekly basis. I also collect a lot of research material and read a lot at night and usually put these posts together around midnight in my country.

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