Back To Basics: The Ritz Carlton Customer Service Legacy

Ritz CaltonWritten by Chipo Mapungwana

Companies are constantly bombarded with new customer service buzz words, latest trends, new concepts and ideas about how to get customers, increase market share, keep customers happy, make them buy more , make them loyal brand ambassadors etc that one is bound to wonder how we can keep abreast of it all. This month’s buzz word is thrown by the wayside for the latest in-thing and no sooner has the consultant been paid, the book been read or the software being installed, that  companies are off again on the quest for another antidote to their dwindling market share,  unhappy customers and even more upset staff. Perhaps it is time that companies realise that success starts and  ends (often times ) with getting the basics right and doing those basic things exceptionally well.

Ritz Carlton hotels has mastered the art of great service. The Ritz Carlton brand is renowned for its uniform customer service across all its hotels and we can all learn a thing or two from this hotel brand. The hotel brand follows a few simple concepts that have created a great internal culture and world-class brand.
Give Me The hot Pickle!  Provide Great Service by doing what your customers expect and want.
• Make serving others your number one priority, whether they are internal or external customers.
• Find out what customers wants and do it
• How you think about your customers is how you will treat them.
• Your staff  are the  face of your organization and represent the brand to everyone they come into contact with.

Leave your personal baggage in your locker: Do your staff have a good Attitude towards  work  and the company?
• Great customer service is about ordinary people doing ordinary things very well.
Don’t be swayed by the wind: Is  your Service Consistent?
• Practice being consistent in everything that you do
• Set high standards for your company and commit to them
There is no (I) in team: Are your staff working together as a Team?
• A team is a group of people who go out of their way to make others look good.

How the Ritz Carlton creates  Legendary Service

What your customers want.
• Attention to detail, kindness, connection and lack of a flawed process
• Lack of hassles when they come to your company
• Fast access to knowledge and wisdom from your staff
• People who pay attention and go the extra mile willingly
• Convenience and RESPECT for their TIME

 Five Golden rules for you and your  Employees to follow.

Create high Performing Teams that:

• Have a common goal and belief in the company
• Have a highly developed level of trust in each other
• Have no fear of judgment when raising issues because the focus is on performance
• Create pride and joy in the workplace
• Do not waste time blaming others
• Do not waste time blaming each other when an opportunity arises because you  are so intent on helping the customer
• Engage the customer to create a positive experience
• Take control of their attitude and do not major in minor things

Give Great first impressions

  •  Strong first impressions are often made within the first five seconds of meeting someone.
  •  People will judge you on your attire, grooming, facial expressions, gestures and how you carry yourself
  •  Set attire guidelines for your company. Remember, it’s not about you but about the customers.
  •  Excellent grooming is perceived as part of excellent service.

Pay attention to what you say … and how you say it

The way you speak is a reflection of your company or brand.
Avoid words such as: 

  • You Guys
  • No Problem
  • No Worries
  •  What’s up?
  • Yeah
  • Folks
  • Huh?
  • Lovey!

 Help your staff to become positive ambassadors for your brand.

Positive Employees:
• increase their individual productivity
• increase the opportunity for advancement and promotion
• stay longer with the company
• have better safety records with fewer accidents and sick days
• protect and promote the organization to increase revenue and profitability
• spread pride and joy in the workplace
• recommend your company as a great place to work for potential new employees

 Engage your customers because:
• They will not be lured by your competition
• They are the best source of advertising
• If treated well in the past, they have a positive frame of mind.
• Bring in new customers
• Are passionate advocates
• Are more forgiving when a problem occurs

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2 Responses to Back To Basics: The Ritz Carlton Customer Service Legacy

  1. servicekaizen says:

    It’s too bad I can only like this once. An absolutely fantastic read! Thank you for reminding us of what’s important. It’s not systems. It’s not training. It’s people doing what they love!

    • chipomaps says:

      Thank you so much for your comment and for dropping by my blog. Many organisations do forget what really matters to customers. Hope to see you again soon.

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