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Rocking it on facebookIt seems like social media is everywhere, and every marketer is clamouring to get in the game. And it’s no surprise why. The time most global consumers spend on social media has grown over 250% in just the past two years. Therefore it is becoming more and more evident that companies must engage with individuals on these multiple channels. The difficulty now is that one company may have to maintain and engage its audience on three, four, five, or even more social networks at once. This can be a daunting task if you aren’t a so-called social media expert. But that doesn’t mean you simply ignore social media. The forecast for global social media revenue is expected to be 29 billion by 2015. Clearly there’s value to being present, and effectively using, these platforms.


With a hefty 17 million likes, it’s no secret that Amazon has a popular Facebook page. One nice thing about Amazon is that they love to engage their fans with interesting questions and visual content that link to relevant products on their website.

Godaddy @

GoDaddy has a nicely branded set of images that are directly connected with their company name. The company which is the world’s largest web hosting and domain name registering company has over 200 000 likes.

Tesla @

Who doesn’t love a great looking electric car? Tesla has a fun and engaging routine that keeps its fans entertained. The Friday Photo features a nice image of a Tesla vehicle with a variety of drivers. Last Friday was a baby called little Evie and the image asked for a caption from its fans. Stats: 168 000 likes.


Another heavy hitter on Facebook, with 36 million likes! Red Bull uses its Facebook to truly sell the lifestyle. Everything from the cover photo, images, videos, and links, all embody the Red Bull lifestyle.

CHIPOTLE Mexican Grill @

Chiptole starts off by calling for “likes” right in its cover photo. Once you jump into the actual content, it shares some pretty fun images and helpful links like a TED Talk on eating healthy. Stats: 2 million likes


We really love how Google animates and presents its assortment of products and services of Facebook. They have a variety of links and create discussion topics that draw in fans. Google also posts statuses and links in a variety of languages to engage fans from around the world.


The cover photo, profile image, and thumbnails in the timeline are all uniform. They post images and links about holidays, fun products, and current events to keep fans engaged with an assortment of different content.


First thing you’ll notice is the awesome cover photo and matching logo. Visa posts everything from great discounts to pictures of cats. No company is above posting images of cats. Trust us. Stats: 3.4 million likes.


Nothing like a tasty frozen beverage to draw attention. Good ol’ Mccy D’s has a tendency to post appetizing images of their menu items along with some pretty funny commercials. Stats: 27 million likes


It’s hard not to “like” anything with Micky Mouse or Bambi stamped on it. Disney is smart in capitalizing on our childhood memories and creating some new ones by sharing its latest animated shorts. Stats: 42 million likes


Brand consistency is something that Coke tends to do very well. Great colours, images and witty questions help them draw in almost 60 million “likes”. Coke also links its pages to products that you may or may not “like.”


A pool full of giant Skittles and a penguin are always going to get my attention. Aside from the creative cover image, Skittles includes fun games and photos featuring those bright colours that we have all come to love. Stats: 24 million likes


YouTube might be a bit self- explanatory. People love videos, especially videos that they can share on Facebook. With the majority of viral videos shared on Facebook coming in from YouTube, you can figure out why they are rocking out on this social network. Stats: 70 million likes


I can’t imagine its easy making a legal services company “fun” on Facebook, but LegalZoom seems to do it pretty well. They feature a nice photo set called “today in history” where they highlight an interesting fact about that particular day in history.


Models, fancy clothes, and fashion shows. Burberry packs its Facebook page with great photos of its new collections and videos to keep their fans up-to-date with the latest in fashion. Stats: 14 million likes

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