Here are awesome on-line content ideas for your company

Community eventWritten by Chipo Mapungwana

Many companies struggle with  creating content for their websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter  pages etc. Yet if you really take the time to consider all the things that happen in and around your company, there is an incredible amount of information that you can use, images and videos that you can show  that will make your company very memorable online experience for your customers and your fans. Here are a few examples to get your ball rolling.

Tell us what awards you have won

Many companies  win awards for various accomplishments and yet, outside their organisations, these awards do not see the light of day. Write a story about your award and add a few good pictures and quotations from the CEO, or staff about how they feel about the honour, and presto, you have yourself  content for a  home page.

Share an  inspirational story

Ask the Human Resources or Public Relations department about a staff member/customer/ member of the community that they know who has a story to tell that will inspire your customers and audiences. Share this together with a video and you have yourself a winner.

Create “how to manuals and ebooks”

Create “how to” ebooks for your customers and post them on your blog . I could use a manual on “how to change a tyre” but no car repair shop wants to produce one on their blog for me to download.  How many of us need a “how to fill out your tax return” manual, “how to apply makeup” guidebook, “how to put up wall paper” manual. The list is endless. I bet that if you considered your products and services and the sort of questions that customers come back to you asking, your company could come up with some really awesome material.

Brag about your recent event

Do you have an event that your company recently held for staff, customers , in the community? Or even a public event that you co-sponsored? Tell your fans and customers how it went. Give
them a taste of some of the funny things that happened at the event . In my corporate PR days, we used to take  videos during  corporate gold days. While some of your customers may not want to have their atrocious golf swings, adventures in the trees looking for golf balls and misery in the sand pits,  shown on the internet, some may not mind, if you ask them nicely.

Correct a common myth

Write an online press release on common myths about your business, products or services. Are you a chef? There are hundreds of myths that you can share about food. Are you a dentist or doctor? Well ,there are many mistaken medical  beliefs  that are urban legends about your profession. Are you a farming organisation? Talk to us about  the weather and crops and all those things that we think we know but are not actual true. Are you in insurance or a lawyer? Who doesn’t have a story to tell about your industry.

Tell us about your charity work

Write an online press article about your latest charitable contribution or the charity work that you and your staff are doing. We all want to be associated with companies that contribute to their communities and this will get you many “likes” and loyal customers.

Talk about your latest business accomplishment

Are you a scientist or researcher? Talk about your latest findings. Are you a doctor? Talk about an illness that you want people to be aware of , a cure that you have found . Are you a lawyer? Talk about your latest case and what your customers can learn from it. Are you a support group for children, women, people with various challenges? Talk to your audiences about issues related to their challenges and how you have been able to resolve some of these issues.

Share  market research findings or surveys

Surveys are great for organisations and relatively easy to organise  online , amongst your customers or in the streets. Fill your on-line customers in on the details of  your findings and see how traffic grows and how your survey results get shared on-line. You will be surprised.

Tell us about the team event that you are sponsoring

Many organisations sponsor local and community events, sporting teams etc. Tell your on-line customers about what you are doing, the progress  of your team in the league champions. Give your readers a close encounter with the team members  and use lots of pictures.

What is outright frustrating for many customers is on-line adverts, adverts, adverts. They will get to know and expect that when they see a particular logo on their Facebook page, what follows is an advert and their will quickly move on to the next article. You  really can create lots of great content for your online channels if you think about it and it does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Really!

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3 Responses to Here are awesome on-line content ideas for your company

  1. Very spot on. Chipo. I would add that use of photographs also attracts readers to your Facebook/Blog/Tweeter posts. For the awards other events photos will also complement the content.

  2. Henry says:

    I’ve been in the same boat for quite some time, and haven’t realized it could be done this way. Oh well, it’s better to find out later than never…

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