How to create killer marketing content for your on-line customers

Killer contentWritten by Chipo Mapungwana

Way back then when marketing was still outward bound, and the internet was a military secret, new  marketing content was occasionally created  when there was a new product, advertising campaign, a special communication for stakeholders or a planned PR event. The growth of the internet as a business marketing communication channel  and specifically digital marketing  is forcing  companies to think about content to post online. In order to attract leads and keep customers interested in your brand, products and services , companies need to produce a constant flow of new content for their on-line customers. The days of the website that is only updated once or twice a year are long gone.

Why the fuss about online marketing content?

The quality and type of content that you post in your online places  serves your organisation in many ways including:

  • Driving traffic to your website.
  • Enabling prospective customers to make decisions about your company.
  • Providing existing customers  with your company’s product /service information.
  • Providing opportunities for customer engagement.
  • Enabling customers to solve their problems regarding your products.
  • Giving you the competitive edge.

Your online content cannot just be slap dash stuff put together for the sake of filling your website pages or maintaining a presence on social network sites. To make a difference to your brand, it has to be remarkable.

Where do you start?

  1. Start by knowing your customers
  • Create a persona of your current  customers
  • Find out what your customers’ concerns  are, what their likes and dislikes are.
  • Find out where they go online  and what types of content they  prefer.
  • Find out what problems they are trying to solve.
  • What information about your product are they searching for online.
  • What trends are influencing  their businesses/ personal lives.

2.     Develop your customer profile

  • What do your customers do online?
  • What kind of information do they consume?
  • Which of your products do they spend time searching about?

3.     Audit your existing content

Examine all the content that you have been producing  and categorise it by:

  • Type of content
  • Topics that you covered
  • Target audience
  • Dates the content was created.

Examine your content and find out  :

  • If there are certain topics that you are constantly writing about at the expense of others.
  • What types of content are you producing more of ie blogs, videos, etc
  • If you are developing content for only one type of customer persona.
  • What types of topics are generating the most  and best results.

4.     Map your content to your customers’ buying cycle

The content that you product for your online channels plays a critical role in every stage of your online marketing process. Research shows that certain types of content is best suited to particular stages of the buying cycle therefore it is critical to create content for optimum results.

Tips to create killer online content

  • Follow industry news and trends  in order to create relevant and timely content.
  • Monitor social conversations on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, You tube, Twitter and so on.
  •  Recruit  a team of content creators from within or outside your company.
  • Create and keep a constant bank of residual content that you can use for those days when new ideas simply will not come.
  • Reuse old content. For example make a blog post from a video that you took last year.
  • Take your camera everywhere. You never know that you may see.
  • Write annual  and “Best of” features . For example write about your most popular blogs and your company’s most popular products.
  • Conduct short research projects related to your industry and create online content for them.
  • Interview your loyal customers on video.

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