Your Customers still listen to the Radio you know!

Listening to the radioYour customers still listen to the radio, so why are you not on it?

The fragmentation of the media has provided marketers with a unique opportunity to be more creative and targeted in their marketing communication. Not only are there hundreds of TV channels, on-line networking opportunities , mobile applications and social networks, magazines and newspapers, but the great thing about media fragmentation is that it now allows you to target your communication to specific audiences. Radio, TV and printed marketing communication is now being produced for more specific audiences. There are magazines for weight watchers, body builders, entrepreneurs, DIY enthusiasts etc. TV channels cover the needs and preferences of many audiences from comedy, action, horror, hospital drams, documentaries, cartoons, music fashion to news in many languages and much more. And like wise, radio channels now cater for many needs and preferences and types of music and programs. It is therefore surprising that many companies do not take advantage of the unique opportunities that will allow them to speak to their target customers on radio.

Why your company should be on the radio

1.     Radio is cost-effective – there’s a myth among many business owners that radio is an expensive way to advertise and communication with your audiences. Radio is actually very cost effective, and can be cheaper and more effective than print advertising. Remember that there are many more people who listen to the radio than are going to buy a newspaper or afford a magazine.

2.      Radio provides frequency – we all have heard the statistics about how many times a potential customer needs to see (or in this case hear)your advert before it leads to any action. Radio is built on frequency – when you purchase a radio campaign, your customers hear it over and over and provides the “hits” you need for them to come into your store or business.

3.      Radio is creative – one of the comments I heard this weekend was “radio is superior to TV because the pictures are better!” I thought about that – when you’re watching television (or even looking at print ads for that matter) the pictures are provided for you. When you listen to a really great radio advert or a campaign, much like reading a book, you engage in “theatre of the mind” where you create the pictures – so much more effective and more strongly linked to memory.

4.     Radio reaches people when they are on the move – most people listen to the radio in their cars. Radio is a connection to the community. What better way to reach your potential customer than when they’re in a position to respond to your advert and pull into your parking lot?

5.      Radio listenership is on the rise in many countries  and especially in Africa, because of the spread of electricity and digital capabilities and urbanisation.  In addition, in developed countries, while most other forms of media usage have declined, only radio and the internet have increased.

6.      Radio provides its own creative professionals – Radio has its own creative professionals who take your business information and turn it into fantastic, memorable commercials, and radio informecials. Many of us can remember hearing award-winning radio adverts and programs  that sometimes tickled our  funny bone, and sometimes brought  a lump to the throat and a tear to the eye. It’s all part of the deal – when you sign up for a radio campaign, the creative is done for you. One word of caution, when you work with creative radio professionals, trust them to do their job. You may think you have the funniest idea, but they know what works. Give them as much information about your business as possible, and let them do what they’re good at.

7.     Radio works – many people  listen while driving to and from work and they also identify radio as the last medium they were exposed to before a purchase. Radio clients will tell you that consistent, creative advertising campaigns build their businesses.


8.     Radio is emotional – when was the last time you were moved to tears by a newspaper ad or a brochure? Because of its “theatre of the mind” potential, radio can make an emotional connection, and we all know that consumer purchases are based largely on emotion.

Listen to the radio

Can you imagine that you are in a room, listening to the voice of an elderly gentleman talking about his recent heart attack. He tells  the story of how he ended up at a specific hospital in his community. He continues to speak with warmth and sincerity about his treatment and stay at this hospital – about the nurses’ kindness and attentiveness, about the quality of care he received, and about his eventual recovery and return to his family.

There would not be a person listening who wouldn’t  think about their father, or grandfather, or uncle – or someone they knew who had experienced a heart attack, and by the end of the commercial, there wouldn’t be a person in the room who would not be convinced if they ever had a heart attack, they would want  to be taken to that hospital!

Radio is an emotional medium – and one that can help you connect to your potential customers. There are a lot of reasons to consider trying a radio advertising campaign. Don’t miss an opportunity to try something new because of your potentially inaccurate assumptions. Find out for yourself whether this might be a strategy that could help you build your business.

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  1. dongrgic says:

    Another awesome and well researched post. I agree, Radio is a medium that can work when correctly targeted.

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