Marketing to the Modern Woman? Forget Pink

pink3The modern woman no longer wants to be stereotyped. Women now have more opportunities for professional advancement, and they are making more decisions about how they live their lives. In many households, women are the breadwinners. Women have become more cosmopolitan and getting into more demanding  and controlling roles. The modern woman makes her own choices and she is anything but subservient. Nor is she constricted by her biological clock or ashamed of her desires and goals. This woman is not ashamed to be useless in the kitchen, to retain the freedom to even reject motherhood and to start her own business, manage corporations and million dollar businesses.  Ignore her at your peril! Give her what she wants and expects and she will be your loyal customer. Fail to live up to her expectations and she will move on.

Brands therefore need to adopt new strategies to capture this evolving new breed of woman. With this paradigm shift, marketers need to think differently  about how they communicate their brands to their female audiences.

pink81.      Build  your brand story around women’s interests.

Companies should connect with women across multiple platforms in order to give women  the opportunity to engage with the brand. Her attention is taken by many tasks and your brand messages should have impact, otherwise they will be ignored. Reach her where she is getting her information from.  Therefore before  your company launches a new product, ask yourselves:

  • What is your audience interested in?
  • How can you bridge the gap between their interests and your brand?
  • Who are their important influencers?
  • How can you engage with them?
  • What do you need to do to keep the conversation going?

pink7 2.      She is a Multi-tasker so your messages must have impact

A few years ago, brands could count on the TV  and other tried and tested media to reach their target markets and keep them occupied with outbound marketing messages. Now days  that target market  has little time to sit still in front of a big screen . While women  are watching TV, they are on their laptops and on their mobile phones while occasionally flipping through a magazine, with one ear listening to their partner or children. Your communication messages command very little time and space in this woman’s life and if it is not relevant to her ,if  it  does not strike her in some way or make her sit up and pay attention, it is money wasted.

3.      Make her aspire to reach  her goals

Women were previously told by brands that if they used their products , they would become more desirable, sexy, better mothers , wives, successful etc.  Your brand needs to make women want to  aspire to be what they  want to be. Do not to tell women what they can become BECAUSE of your brand. They may not want to be what your product says they will become and therefore they will not buy your product.

pink54.      Say it like it is

Women are the stronger sex, because they really are. Aka  Childbirth… need I say more.  As you formulate your brand marketing messages, stop treating women with kid gloves by sugar-coating topics and making your adverts all fluffy and “la di da” Avoid treating the modern woman like a clueless fairy-tale princess. It belittles her and insults her intelligence. She does not use pink hammers. She goes to the gym, she drives a powerful car, she travels the country if not the world and she wears silk stockings and eats chocolate while painting her nails and chatting on Facebook. She expects intelligent marketing.

5.      She knows when you are conning her

Women have evolved. They know  when your adverts are targeting their wallets rather than their best interest. Brands therefore  need to be careful about their intentions. The most successful brands and innovations are those that have their customers’ best interests at heart.  Apple did not name their iphone as herPhone, because the iphone sounds great just the way it is. Moreover, the iphone does exactly what its marketing messages say it will do. And women buy it because they like what it does for them.

6.      Communicate your products’ values

Many brands launch products  and services without even thinking about what features and benefits are important to their target markets. By involving women in the design and marketing messages of your  brand, you will better understand what matters to them. Volvo has this down to a  “t” through the way that they gain  women’s  input in the designs of their vehicles. Volvo’s slogan, “Volvo for life” also conveys  the message that is important to women; safety and dependability. Because of this , the brand has gained trust amongst women drivers.

pink67.      Help her to trust you

The modern woman is really good at  detecting inconsistencies.  If your  marketing messages  do not match  your product performance, you will lose  her trust and she will go elsewhere. Your products and services need to walk the talk.

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