50 Guerrilla Marketing Tips For Your Business

GM6The Guerrilla knows that he/she may not be able to compete using the same resources that big corporations have, so he/she employs techniques to beat them at their own game. The Guerrilla uses below and above the line tactics to effectively create awareness and market their products and services. The Guerrilla uses innovation and creativity to win customers.

1. Name. Be sure your company name is a good one that people can pronounce; that doesn’t confuse them; and that is uniquely yours.

2. Product or service niche. Also known as positioning. This is the segment of the market you want for your very own.

3. Colour. Memorability is increased and attitudes established when you associate a colour with your business.

4. Identity. This is identity that conveys your company’s personality. Be sure it realistically reflects who you are.

5. Logo. Some people call this a trademark. It is a graphic representation of your company. It’s smart to have one.

6. Theme. This is a set of words that summarizes your company or its prime benefits. Pick a theme you can live with for a long time. The longer you use the theme, the better. Themes make great “tag lines.”

7. Package. Your package is the box your product comes in, the office your services come from, your truck, your sales people, and you. The way you package your offering will attract or repel your customers and prospects.

8. Size. The size of your business influences some people to buy or not to buy. Big is not necessarily good. Neither is small. But both can be good. Can you offer the benefits of both?

9. Décor. Customers form opinions based on the décor of your store, office, or factory. It should elect your identity.

GM310. Attire. People will develop attitudes about your business based on what you and your employees wear at work.

11. Pricing. Pick a pricing niche – – high, medium, or low – – depending on your competitors.

12. Business card. Guerrillas make theirs more than a name, address, and phone number.

13. Stationery. The look and feel of your stationery make it a powerful marketing tools.

14. Order form/invoice. This is not just a business form, but an opportunity to gain more business, increase referrals, and solidify the relationship between you and your customer.

15. Inside signs. These spur impulse buys, act as silent sales people, and merchandise offerings inexpensively.

16. Outside signs. They may be near your business, far away, or moving about on a bus or taxi. They direct people to your product, service, or store.

17. Hours of operation. Yes, your hours are part of your marketing. If you’re open evenings (or early mornings) and your competitors aren’t, you may gain business from them.

18. Days of operation. Like hours of operation, the days you are open also affect your business.

19. Phone demeanour. How you answer the phone turns people on or off.

GM520. Neatness. Messiness causes lost sales: People believe the sloppiness will carry over to the product or service.

21. Location. Without questions, this is one of the most important parts of success for a lot of businesses.

22. Window displays. They should have high visibility, be unique, and include items that invite people inside.

23. Business plan. This is like a map that is consulted regularly to be sure you are heading in the right direction.

24. Advertising. Here is one of the most crucial parts of marketing, but it is only part of the overall process.

25. Distribution. This refers to the methods of purchasing, in the store, by mail, by phone, etc.

26. Service. Service is one of the most important influences in selecting a business. It can win or lose sales.

27. Follow-up. Non-guerrillas think marketing ends when they have made a sale. Guerrillas know that is when marketing actually begins.

28. Customer recourse. Know what you will do if the customer is not satisfied. Have a clear policy and follow it.

29. Community involvement. The closer you are involved in the community, the higher your profits will be.

Great advertising30. Tie-ins with others. Display signs or circulars of other businesses if they will do the same for you.

31. Public relations. This is publicity in the media based on something newsworthy about your business. You need it.

32. PR contacts. The media is inundated with requests for free publicity. Contacts, therefore, will increase PR chances.

33. Reprints. Most publicity stories appear only once; most ads are costly. Reprint them for mailings or signs.

34. Special events. Staging unusual events around your business is a good way to attract free publicity. Be creative.

35. Testimonials. These are free, easy to obtain, and impress prospects. Use them in brochures, ads, and mailings.

36. Smiles. A smile is a part of marketing and makes your customers feel special.

37. Greetings. The way you say hello and good-bye offers still another change for you to single out each customer. Greet warmly, use a smile, make eye contact, and (whenever possible) use the customer’s name.

38. Contact time. Every moment with the customer is a marketing opportunity. Use it to intensify your relationship, market other items, be of better service.

39. Sales training. The more training you do, the more profitable you’ll be.

GM440. Sales presentations. The best sales people use certain words and phrases.

41. Sales representatives. These people deliver your presentation so be sure they see your business the way you do.

42. Audio-visual aids. Points made to the eye and ear are 68% more effective than points to the ear only.

43. Webinars, YouTube videos, Audiotapes and videotapes. Use these to establish your expertise. They are electronic brochures.

44. Refreshments. Little things like offering coffee and doughnuts in the morning and an afternoon glass of wine can have a dramatic impact on sales.

45. Credit/Debit  cards/ Visa/Mastercard terminals. The easier it is for someone to buy, the better. It’s worth the percentage and the paperwork.

46. Financing. Some customers want the product but won’t have the money now. Letting them pay later can win sales

47. Club and association memberships. Join these to become part of the community.

48. Team sponsorships. One more way to involve your business in the community and to meet potential customers.

49. Word of mouth. You can control this by providing superb service, informative brochures, and steady mailings.

GM750. Circulars. These are inexpensive, flexible, and easy to distribute on street corners, under windshield wipers, as bag stuffers, as signs, on counters, at homes, etc.

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