Take the leap from CSR to Cause Related Marketing

Cause related mk4Corporate Social Responsibility is a  voluntary initiative on the part of a business to contribute to a better society and a greener and cleaner environment.  Cause Related Marketing on the other hand  is a commercial activity by which businesses and charities form a partnership with each other to market an image, product or service for mutual benefit. It is a marketing tool used to help address the social issues of the day, through providing resources and funding, whilst at the same time addressing important business objectives.

Your Stakeholders’ Expectations

Your  stakeholders expect  that your  company will behave ethically

Your  business  is expected to  contribute to economic development

Your  business to expected to  improve the quality of life of its workforce and their families

 Your  business is expected to  play an active part in the improvement of the society

Cause related mkt1What are the benefits of Cause related marketing  to your business?

Increase in customer retention and loyalty.

People love to be associated with a brand that does good in this community. When your brand associates itself with a worthy cause and uses its product or service to support that cause through its marketing efforts, your company is likely to benefit through increased loyalty.

Winning new business through good will

Your  company can gain new business because of good will and the benefits associated with cause  related marketing.  For example, a soft drinks manufacturing company can support  a clean environment by encouraging customers to bring back plastic bottles  and paying those customers a token fee for the empty plastics will encourage customer to buy its products because they have something to gain other that the drink.

Enhanced relationships  with stakeholders

After all you are killing two birds with one stone so your shareholders will love you and your community will thank you.

Cause related mkt2Media interest and a good reputation

Everybody loves a good story. So whether your product or service is supporting breast cancer by advertising for women to wear pink on a particular day, or HIV /AIDs through its branded radio program , you will be in the limelight to receive free good coverage from  the media.

Access to funding  opportunities

Companies that support  worthy causes generally find that other companies will join in. This increases the support that the worthy cause generates  and this may also influence donors to fund the projects .

Cause Related Marketing last longer that donations

You are able to stretch your marketing campaign for as long as you want to focus on that particulate societal need or issue.  This means that for as long as your product or problem  exist,  your brand could  potentially be associated with that cause and the benefits of supporting the cause.

Cause related mk6Enhancing your influence in the your industry

Your company will gain first mover advantage when it identifies itself with  and uses its marketing innovation and marketing muscle to create awareness or to raise funds for a worthy project.  You will provide your  staff and executives who are seen in the community implementing your program with industry influencers status as they are able to speak about the problem and also appeal to their colleague companies to join the campaign.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors

Cause related marketing enables your brand to differentiate itself from its competitors. Your product or services becomes more than a product as your brand is associated with more than just its product brand image but with an issue bigger that itself.

The Community rallies behind your brand and the cause

When you use your brand to bring awareness to a cause or to raise funding for a needy situation, or to enable a  community to help themselves, you forge a relationship with your community that is beneficial to your brand.

Cause related mk5Example of Cause Related Marketing

  • Cadbury Limited and Save the Children  raised funds for Save the Children and focused community programmes to the benefit of Cadbury’s corporate image.
  • Tesco’s ‘Free Computers for Schools’ is based on parents and friends of schools collecting vouchers in proportion to the amount of money they spend in Tesco stores and giving these vouchers to their schools to be redeemed for computers from Tesco.
  • The partnership of Yoplait’s “Save Lids to Save Lives” campaign in support of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure for Cancer. The company packages specific products with a pink lid that consumers turn in, and in turn Yoplait donates 10 cents for each lid brought back.
  • American Heart Association’s stamp of approval on Cheerios, the popular breakfast cereal. The American Heart food certification program grants use of its “Heart Check” icon and name to dozens of cereals and juices meaning that product meets the Associations’ low-fat, low- cholesterol standards.
  • Singapore Airlines launched a cause marketing campaign attracting over 35 million unique visitors across 23 countries to bring awareness to Doctors Without Borders. With the launch of the world’s first A380, Singapore Airlines—with the assistance of Vonality Inc—launched an online auction for all seats on the historic first flight all in support of charity.
  • Product Red is an example of one the largest cause-related marketing campaigns to date given the number of companies and organizations involved as participants as well as its reach worldwide. It is also an example of a cause marketing campaign that is also a brand on its own. Product Red was created to support The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria (aka “The Global Fund”) and includes companies such as  Apple Computer, Motorola, Giorgio Armani, and The Gap as participants.
  • Since 1998 the UK based AquAid Water Coolers has been donating 5.5% of turnover to supply clean drinking water to people in Africa via the two charities Christian Aid and Pump Aid. To date they have donated more than £5,000,000 and their business success has led to a number of their competitors setting up other schemes to bring water to people without water  in the Third World.

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