Three Lessons Brands Can Learn From Man’s Best Friend.

                              dogs playing                                                      My son opens the gate and his beautiful dog, Crystal,  leaps into his arms and knocks him over, playfully barking and showering his with dog kisses. This doesn’t happen just once in a while – it happens every single time he comes home from school and  enters our home.  There is no time that Crystal ever decides that his bone or some cat he is chasing is more important. He runs to his master all the time and showers him with all the love that a dog  can master.

 What does this have to do with brands?

The answer is “EVERYTHING!” Companies trying to elevate their brands can stand to learn a lot from man’s best friend!

 Lesson 1: Dogs are consistent – Brands need to be too!

 At its core, a brand is the attribute(s) your target audience thinks of when they hear the name of your company. Some of their initial perceptions will be based upon marketing communications. But ultimately your  brand will be built on your customers’ experiences with your company. If you consistently meet or exceed their expectations, they will love and be loyal to your brand. Woof! That is one of the many reasons dog owners are over-the-top in love with their pets – consistency!

 Lesson 2: Dogs focus on pleasing their owners

Brands need to be the same way with customers especially in these challenging  times when customers are fickle and they are careful what they do with their hard earned money and where they spend it.
In today’s digital world, companies  that push products, services and features will lose to those companies that create value  for their customers and resolve their problems. Savvy customers hop online and type in questions on how to solve their challenges. If your company is busy touting how wonderful it is, it is missing the opportunity to educate a potential customer on how your offerings can help with a particular issue.

Dogs get it!

Dogs snuggle up with you when you’re under the weather; give you extra licks when you’ve had a bad day; and will be your work-out buddy when you’re sweating-out a stressful day. Woof!

Herein lays another reason we love our dogs – their focus is on pleasing us!

 Lesson 3: Dogs are simple – Brands need to be too!

 Has  an advert ever left you with no idea how the company is different  from others or how it can satisfy your needs? A lot of company adverts and on-line copy are riddled with marketing mumbo-jumbo  – so much so that it leaves your head spinning! Brands need to keep their marketing messages simple and focused on the customer.

Narcissistic, verbose advertising is generally a huge turn-off and accomplishes nothing towards boosting your brand. Checking your advertising channels including your  Web site analytics to see if visitors are bouncing off your site (high bounce rate) is always a sign on how effective your copy is in connecting with your target audience.

Meeting the needs of your dog is pretty simple – food, water, walks, and love. Brands need to communicate their value in simple terms!

 Dogs  are consistent. Brands need to be too
As I write this post, Crystal is snuggled right next to my son. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for his little friend. And what has she done to build such love, passion and loyalty? She is her consistently beautiful, simple self every day, and she lives to make his life a little better. Shouldn’t your brand do the same for its customers?

 I asked my son why he was so attached to his dog and he said that his dog was his best friend because:
The dog is playful and makes him feel energetic and funny.
His dog makes him feel welcome.
He looks after it, washes it and he in turn feels loved.
He taught it a few tricks , adding to the fun.
He looks after it. ie he saved up and bought it its first collar and lead.
It showed its love and compassion by licking him, asking for belly rubs and rolling around playfully.
He tolerates it when it messes the carpet and he has to clean it up

Does you brand make your customers feel warm all over?

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