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Suitably Dressed: The Executive’s Guide to the Perfect Suit

“It is both delusional and stupid to think that clothes don’t really matter and we should all wear whatever we want. Most people don’t take clothing seriously enough, but whether we should or not, clothes do talk to us and … Continue reading

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Three Lessons Brands Can Learn From Man’s Best Friend.

                                                                                    My son opens the gate and his beautiful dog, Crystal,  leaps into his arms and knocks him over, playfully barking and showering his with dog kisses. This doesn’t happen just once in a while – it happens every single time he comes home … Continue reading

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When is a lie not a lie…when its advertising

While in pursuit of creativity and originality, some adverts can tread on or even cross the line between truth and , well… misrepresentation. Brands that misrepresent product features and functions have a tendency to be found out and slaughtered in the media by angry customers. While we all love a good advert, brands should always weigh the reputational impact of promotional material.

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What we can learn from McDonald’s Global Strategy

A cup of rice with chicken, ginger, onion, shallots, and chili peppers. A fried patty made of potatoes, peas, and spices, topped with tomatoes and vegetarian mayonnaise. Grilled chicken in pita bread with lettuce, tomato, onion, and tahini sauce. English … Continue reading

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20 Terrible pieces of Social Media advice to ignore

 The growing number of “social media” experts providing advice on social media  can make this marketing channel  a landmine and major accident waiting to happen for many companies.  Many organisations have made really bad  mistakes on social media channels that have cost them their … Continue reading

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The 13 Pillars of Internet Marketing

Great video to help you to market your business online.

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Creative advertising: Make your customers say “wow”

In this day of information overload, it is no surprise that people are paying less and less attention to advertising. You only get ONE CHANCE to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION! If your adverts  don’t catch your customers’  attention within seconds … Continue reading

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