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When is a lie not a lie…when its advertising


While in pursuit of creativity and originality, some adverts can tread on or even cross the line between truth and , well… misrepresentation. Brands that misrepresent product features and functions have a tendency to be found out and slaughtered in the media by angry customers. While we all love a good advert, brands should always weigh the reputational impact of promotional material.

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The Benefits of Audience Targeting for Optimum Brand Exposure

Written by Chipo Mapungwana Media plays a vital role in the marketing communications process. They exist to carry and deliver entertainment and information to vast audiences and are  the means by which advertisers communicate with their target audiences. Media proliferation, … Continue reading

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Ethics in advertising: How to deal with Marketing Messages gone rogue

Written By Chipo Mapungwana Statistics in Marketing studies show that many consumers think that company communication messages are  a misrepresentation of the truth. In other words, companies “are not telling the truth” in their marketing messages. There is a growing … Continue reading

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How To Make Customers Dig Your Brand

Written by Chipo Mapungwana A company’s main objective goes beyond a single sale to one customer. Usually the ultimate objective is to build a durable relationship between a specific brand and a particular customer group and to create a strong bond … Continue reading

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How To Create A Timeless Brand Like Tom and Jerry

Written by Chipo Mapungwana I downloaded an episode of Tom and Jerry today because I wanted to see something on my laptop that is funny and  brings   the child out of me. Many of us who grew up using great brands, watching Dallas  and … Continue reading

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Do You Believe These Brand Myths?

Written by Chipo Mapungwana When their brands fail companies are always taken by surprise. Marketers wonder why the product did not sell. Customers wonder why the company concerned would try and sell such a product and investors wonder how to … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Companies that decide to go regional or global are often faced with a number of dilemmas in marketing communication within the new markets especially when the new markets are culturally different from the home country. The differences encountered have created … Continue reading

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