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Traditional Marketing is dead: Welcome to “On-demand Marketing”

Digital marketing is about to enter more challenging territory. Building on the vast increase in consumer power brought on by the digital age, marketing is headed toward being on demand—not just always “on,” but also always relevant, responsive to the … Continue reading

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Four Ways to get value from Digital Marketing

 Since the dawn of the internet, marketers have regarded  it as a vast laboratory , launching experiment after experiment  to find ways to generate  sales and customer loyalty. Customers on the other hand have adopted digital marketing in ways that … Continue reading

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10 Elements of Social Media Small Business Success

Small Business Marketing Obstacles Before we dive into the details of social media for small business, let us first frame the problem that small business owners are working to solve using social media. Traditionally, large businesses have had an advantage … Continue reading

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Steps in Crafting a Digital Marketing Strategy

The Importance of Strategy Any activity with an end goal ,whether it’s winning a war, building a city or selling a product, should have a blueprint or map in place for every person in the organisation to follow in the … Continue reading

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The Battles for the Skies: How to build your Airline’s Brand

  The Airline Challenge The airline industry is facing unenviable and continued rapid change and acute financial pressures. The global recession makes this the most difficult of downturns for the airline industry. Many airlines have and are going to  fail … Continue reading

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