Welcome to my Blog

Crazy About Your Brand

Crazy About Your Brand

Welcome to my world

My name is Chipo, which in my language  means Gift. So here is hoping that I will be your gift , providing you with parcelloads of ideas, information and insights into branding, marketing trends  , digital marketing and effectively managing your reputation.

I have learnt that one can never learn enough. And I am passionate about imparting knowledge to others so that you can  be more effective in your organisations.  I feel as if I am only at the tip of an iceberg. There is so much to be explored, so much to learn and share and so little time.

My blog is a branch of my baby called Kevin Martin Communication, a company seeking to provide holistic brand reputation, marketing and social media training and consulting services to businesses in Africa.

Get the contact details from the contact pages and see what crazy stuff we can do for you.



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